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Post by Misty on 4/19/2008, 11:53 am

The purpose of me starting this forum was because I wanted a place that people could come and be friends, be themselves, and be creative...without feeling strangled by so many dos and don'ts that you can't express yourself.

It's a place to discuss and drool over your favorite celebs all you want, a place to roleplay without feeling like you have to watch every word you type, and in general to just be YOU!

All the members here are adults, because I've set the age at 18+, and we should act like it. As long as everyone is respectiful and supportive of the others here...then I'm happy! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, inclined to disagree with others at times, and miscommunications happen. If it becomes a negative rather than open, respectful discussion, please keep it to PMs to not bring down what I hope to be a positive atmosphere here.

Now lets have some fun!!
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